Our Culture

Our company is based on the foundation of quality and customer satisfaction. Consequently we ascertain our clients regarding the high quality standards of our services that deal in hiring, renting, contracts for all kind of cranes. We follow a quality assurance policy in our firm according to which we do following:

  • Offer only the authentic and beneficial solutions to our clients
  • Provide highly efficient  rental services includes Boom lifts, Scissor lifts , Aluminium Scaffolds, forklifts etc
  • Address all our queries swiftly
  • Provides solution as per clients exact requirement

Furthermore, our actions are operated under the support of our Safety, Health & Environmental Policy. The testing of our fleet is done and maintained in accordance with the policy of the company. Our in-house team of Safety, Health & Environmental professionals, including Risk Auditors makes sure that all the actions are operated in order to minimize the risk and other hazards.

On one hand we have great technical expertise and on the other, complete knowledge of the local markets and the customers.

Corporate Vision and Mission 
To become the world’s prominent and respectable engineering machinery and equipment provider
Through leadership, teamwork and dedication, we will provide world-class excellence in quality, service and delivery to our distributors and customers.
Core Corporate Values
  • Integrity brings business, science makes progress, excellence is the constant pursuit and values shall be shared.
  • Integrity and law-abiding conduct are the foundation to develop our business.
  • Scientific and technical innovation is the motivation for our advance.
  • Constant pursuit for excellence is the objective of our action.
  • To provide real value for customers and partners
  • To offer opportunities for employees’ progress
  • To seek long-term benefits for investors and to create wealth and values for public are the guidelines for our actions

About Us

 EXCEL AERIAL WORK EQUIPMENT is committed to provide fast, reliable and efficient services to all customers in order to remain as the best and number 1 in the industry.


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  • Personal Lifts
  • Boom Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Aluminium Scaffoldings
  • Material Handling Equipmrnts
  • Unique Applications